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Our Members

American Finance & Investment Co., Inc.

AFIC was founded July 15, 1946 by a diverse group of 14 local businessmen to serve the financial needs of El Paso and the surrounding area. Since that time, AFIC and its subsidiaries have helped thousands of individuals and companies with their financing needs, growing into an international institution with multiple active subsidiaries.

Home Tax Solution

We pay your property taxes. Keep your property and your peace of mind. When Texas residents find themselves in a pinch, unable to pay their property taxes, we’re the affordable solution they turn to for hassle-free, low-interest loans. We’re the leader in property tax loans, having served thousands of Texans.

Hunter Kelsey

Founded in 2005, Hunter-Kelsey of Texas, LLC is a Texas-based company with a mission to help our customers save money on their property taxes and save their property from foreclosure. We have had the pleasure of serving over 7,000 customers. We only use Texas vendors, have all of our operations and team members in Texas, and only lend on property in Texas.

Mi Casa
Mi Casa Financial

Mi Casa Financial, LLC is a family business, set up and run to help families. It is not just a house, it is your home. We respect that. We understand the financial pressures that lead to people falling behind in their taxes. Since our founding in 2008 we have helped hundreds of Texans avoid foreclosure and save their homes.

Point Bridge
PointBridge Corporation

PointBridge Corporation is a specialty finance company with a core mission to ethically and responsibly extend credit to individuals and businesses. We were founded under the principals of providing easy and quick access to capital for property owners that are often under-served by traditional lending institutions.

Propel Financial Services

We’re in the business of helping our customers resolve property tax challenges and avoid county foreclosure. Since our start in 2007, we’ve paid more than 25,000 tax bills, making a big difference in our clients’ lives and helping them keep their homes and businesses.

Property Tax Fund
Property Tax Funding

Property Tax Funding was founded in 2008 to provide Texas property owners with a convenient and manageable way to pay their property taxes. The founding principles of the company are honesty, integrity, and efficiency with our success dependent upon serving these core commitments. We look forward to demonstrating our straightforward business practices and how our ethical approach to client service has earned us an -A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Tax Loans Usa
Tax Loans USA

Each year thousands of people find themselves unable to pay their property taxes on time. Tax Loans USA provides a way for taxpayers to make low monthly payments with no pre-payment penalties and fixed interest rates.Once you are approved, your property taxes are paid in full with no out-of-pocket expenses.The management team brings more than 100 years of experience in Texas real estate law and consumer lending.

Texstar Tax Loans 200
TexStar Tax Loans

A residential or commercial property tax loan from TexStar Tax Loans can help you avoid exorbitant penalties, interest and attorney’s fees that your county may add to delinquent property taxes owed every month!