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Property Tax Loan Benefits

  • Property Owner Benefits

    The Benefits of Tax Lien Transfers for Property Owners

    The clients of our association members benefit in the following ways:

    • Property owners stop the accrual of significant penalties, fees, and interest charges from the county (which can exceed 50% in the first year of delinquency),
    • Owners obtain more flexible repayment terms than the options allowed by the county,
    • County foreclosure and lawsuits can be avoided,
    • No large down payment is required (compared to the county’s 10-33% down payment requirement), and
    • Property owners obtain a sense of relief and peace of mind.

  • Bank and Mortgage Company Benefits

    The Benefits of Tax Lien Transfers for Bank and Mortgage Companies

    The property owners and the counties are not the only stakeholders with an interest in tax lien transfers. Preexisting first lien holders, whose loan-to-value ratios are generally much higher than property tax transferees, also benefit by property owners entering into repayment agreements with tax lien transferees. The preexisting lienholders benefit in the following ways:

    • The property owners are given the freedom of more affordable payments, making it less likely that they will default on either their mortgage or their property tax repayment plan,
    • The tax lien transfer stops the accruement of penalties that the lien holder would potentially have to pay to the county if the taxes were left delinquent (i.e., the cost of a tax lien transfer is usually much less that the cost of non-payment of taxes by the property owner), and
    • It is less likely that the property will face county foreclosure, which would likely cost the lienholder time and money.

  • Tax Entity Benefits

    Tax Entity Benefits for State & Local Government Institutions

    Local governments benefit from tax lien transfers in the following ways:

    • Otherwise delayed revenue is immediately collected for the school district, county, Municipal Utility District (MUD), hospital district, etc.,
    • State jobs are preserved as more money is readily available for salaries,
    • Local governments do not have to incur the internal costs associated with outsourcing accounts to collection attorneys,
    • Local neighborhoods are preserved because property owners are less likely to lose their property to county foreclosure,
    • Private sector jobs are preserved as business property owners are less likely to lose their property to county foreclosure, and
    • The tax collectors maintain positive relationships with constituents, because they do not have to penalize the constituents for their tax obligation with penalties, interest, and possible foreclosure.