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Regulatory & Compliance

Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

Property tax lenders in Texas are licensed and regulated by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) and are subject to chapter 351 of the Texas Finance Code.

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Glenn Hegar, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, offers an online comparison chart of taxes and levies in the state of Texas by county and special district, giving you better insight into your tax payment obligations.

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The Better Business Bureau

Check in, compare, and gauge your property tax lending firms before making your decision by better understanding their BBB rating.

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We are your biggest advocates.

The property tax loan industry in Texas is closely regulated by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, the Texas Finance Commission, and the Texas State Legislature.

Government Compliance

The ability to transfer tax liens in Texas was created in 1933 but the tax lien transfer industry did not begin to develop until 1995.

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The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

The OCCC licenses and regulates non-depository lenders in the state of Texas, including Property Tax Lenders. The goal of the OCCC is to create a fair, lawful, and healthy credit environment that grows economic prosperity for all Texans.

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